A brand evolution including a refreshed visual identity, packaging, website, and social media that captures the energy and unparalleled enthusiasm of Soulber Kitchen’s owner Sara. I created an approachable, vibrant, and sentimental visual system inspired by the brand’s core values: gratitude, growth, and community. The unique triangle sprout icon and set of illustrations are built from the shapes found within the wordmark–embodying the sentiment of looking inward to expand outward. This modern yet playful take on meal prep feels fresh, genuine, and most importantly, delicious.

Branding, Print, Website, Packaging, Social Media, Signage, Merchandise

Agency: Box 8 Creative
Client: Sarah Oberhammer – Bethel, CT
Role: Lead Designer (Branding, Design, Strategy, Illustrations)
Collaborators: Meghan Olsen (Photography)
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