With nothing more than green velvet booths and a request for "something playful, maybe handwritten?", I thought, "What if Sophie was a psychic?" And so, Sophie became a psychic. The luxurious velvet booths, reminiscent of dramatized psychic costume robes, helped bring the persona of the brand to life. We treated the wordmark as if it were Sophie's signature: something luxe, yet unordinary. This fully custom wordmark, taken from Sharpie to screen, was the perfect way to capture sophistication and whimsy.

With playful nods to crystal balls, tarot, and the restaurant’s iconic basil garnishes, the brand invites you to a uniquely magical pizza night in one of Sophie’s lush booths as she predicts good toppings coming your way.

Branding, Print, Website

Agency: Box 8 Creative
Client: Sophie's Pizza Bar – Fairfield, CT
Role: Lead Designer (Branding, Design, Strategy, Copywriting, Illustration)
Collaborators: Marie Corriveau (Branding, Design, Illustration),
Meghan Olsen (On-Site Photography)

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