The foundations of the brand stemmed from the client mentioning he was seeking something "Italian as fuck." With this attitude in mind, I immediately thought, "What if Saint Gennaro was in a boy band and he had groupies and merch?" Thus, the fan-girl-inspired brand voice and brash attitude were born.

This is Atlanta’s own down & dirty, unapologetically “Italian as F***!” take on the traditionally New York City festival of San Gennaro: a playfully clever approach that combines the revered imagery of Saint Gennaro (my boyfriend, for sure) with love-note-inspired illustrations in order to give the festival a facelift, bringing it into the modern-day vernacular. Playful nods to street graffiti and iconic food cart signs give this concept a uniquely modern and youthful perspective on an age-old tradition.

Branding, Promotional Materials, Signage & Wayfinding, Packaging,
Print, Website, Social Media

Agency: Box 8 Creative
Client: The Porchetta Group – Atlanta, GA
Role: Lead Designer (Branding, Design, Strategy, Copywriting)
Collaborators: Zeb Mayer (Illustration)
Awards: CADC 46th Annual (Judge's Choice, Gold)
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