From the jump, I knew there was room for a wild card pitch of a scribbly, playful, and unexpected visual direction for a restaurant & bar named something as irreverent as The Blue Duck. To capture the sentiment of never losing sight of your inner child, I developed a narrative of "never seeing the blue duck," in which the brand mascot is always depicted running around in his Looney-Tunes-esque "disguise", leaving behind a trail of iconic footprints.

Inspired by the iconic scene from the 1995 film Billy Madison, The Blue Duck is a witty, self-aware, and playful take on the modern-Americana bar scene. The visual identity is inspired by Billy’s renowned kindergarten capstone: a scribbly and wonky illustration of a blue duck. Modern design sensibilities coupled with an off-beat, playful illustration style reminiscent of “crayons in art class” creates the perfect balance of sophistication and sass.

Branding, Print, Website, Packaging, Social Media, Custom Typeface,
Signage, Mural (Artwork), Merchandise

Agency: Box 8 Creative
Client: The Blue Duck – New London, CT
Role: Lead Designer (Branding, Design, Strategy, Custom Typeface, Copywriting)
Collaborators: Zeb Mayer (Branding, Design, Illustration), Sally Scarpa (On-Site Photography)
Awards: CADC 46th Annual (Best of Show, Judges Choice, Gold)
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