My name is Justin Remotap, and I am a graphic designer and illustrator. I am originally from Hawai'i, and I find a lot of empowerment in my heritage and within my culture. The foundation of my design philosophy coincides with who I fundamentally am: my culture has a genuine love for life and for others, and those are two things I hope to empower people to feel through my work. Which is why I believe that design should be positive, colorful, and fun.
I really enjoy working with my hands and am a huge fan of paper, so in my free time, I love to illustrate & hand-craft notebooks for my brand Little Lion Notebooks. Because of this, I dream of working in product development, packaging design, and branding.

Airstream, Inc.

Columbus College of Art & Design
Pressed Juicery
Tommy Bahama

Graphic Design USA Magazine
Students To Watch (2019) 
AAF American Advertising Awards
Silver Student ADYY Award – Film, Video, Animation, & Sound (2019)

Silver Student ADDY Award – Digital Media (2018)
The CSCA Creative Best
Award of Excellence – Student Print (2018)
Award of Excellence – Student Digital (2018)
Award of Merit – Student Campaign (2018)
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