My name is Justin Remotap and I am a fairly small-sized, left-handed graphic designer in Columbus, OH who enjoys neon colors and eccentric illustration. Design should be fun, energetic, and celebratory of how weird and peculiar life can be. Voted most likely to use Futura PT and/or cry over cute animal photos.

Airstream, Inc.

Columbus College of Art & Design
Pressed Juicery
Tommy Bahama

Graphic Design USA Magazine
Students To Watch (2019) 
AAF American Advertising Awards
Silver Professional ADDY Award – Magazine Design (2020)
Silver Student ADDY Award – Film, Video, Animation, & Sound (2019)

Silver Student ADDY Award – Digital Media (2018)
The CSCA Creative Best
Award of Excellence – Print, Long Form (2019)
Award of Excellence – Student Print (2018)
Award of Excellence – Student Digital (2018)
Award of Merit – Student Campaign (2018)

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